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On the Shattering of the Tablets and the Rebuilding of Self

For a printable PDF please click here: parshat Ki Tissa broken tablets 5779


But the message of the Divine is other

It’s liberating and debilitating all at once It’s transformative and elevating It calls us to live between destruction and redemption Brokenness and wholeness To house within ourselves the tablets shattered and restored The ideal and the real The acceptance and regret The authoritative and the autonomous It beckons us to follow in His path To reimagine and recreate To redeem and reframe To build resilience and transformation Rather than destruction and oblivion And in the face of a promise broken, a relationship betrayed, an ideal pulled apart by human frailty We are called upon to return to our source, find meaning in our downfall and flourish in our limitations and inadequacies Riddled with imperfections we’re given the space to be who we are And in our pit, our downfall, feel the countenance of the Divine So even in fragmentation lies the vestiges of wholeness and even in destruction lies the seeds of redemption And that is where God begins His return to Self and we begin ours to Him

שובו אלי ואשובה אליכם – return to me and I will return to you Oscillating between everything that is human and Divine, ideal and real, redeeming and fragmenting is the essence of all It is there in the sanctuary of God the frailty of humanity remains shattered and yet quite literally basks in the light of the Divine

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