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Dr Tanya White

Tanya White is an International lecturer, writer and educator with a focus on Tanach and Contemporary Jewish Thought. She is a Senior lecturer at Matan Women’s Institute for Torah Studies and gives weekly classes in other institutions including Pardes and LSJS.  Tanya brings her Torah to audiences in Israel and abroad acting as scholar in residence to diverse communities in the US, Switzerland and the UK. She is a graduate of the Matan Hasharon Scholars program and holds a BSc from LSE in International Relations and an MA in Jewish studies and philosophy from LSJS and SOAS London.  She holds a doctorate (PhD) n Jewish Philosophy from Bar Ilan University, and is the recipient of Schupf Fellowship for outstanding students.


Tanya is driven by a passion to exchange insights on the most pressing topics facing the modern Jewish world and has published numerous articles in books and social media, including a highly publicised responsa with Rabbi Nathan Lopez Cardozo which was subsequently published in his book “Jewish Law as Rebellion”. Tanya is the mother of four daughters and lives with her husband and family on a Moshav in central Israel.

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